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Fuel gauge Mash Adventure

Notapor Donnieclark » 25 Nov 2017, 06:32


This morning suddenly the fuel gauge flashed at the start.
After only 155km and previously full tank bike. When I then fueled, fit in just under 10 liters.
That's too much and makes me wonder, because over 6 liters of consumption is a bit strange.
Even stranger is that the tank was probably almost half full and yet only a dash was displayed and the warning light flashed.
What experiences have the few other Adventurefahrer so far with the fuel gauge?
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Re: Fuel gauge Mash Adventure

Notapor smasher » 26 Nov 2017, 20:45


the fuel gauge works with a buoy that sends the current level to the gauge. It is possible to be stuck somewhere inside the tank. Take a look inside.
Hope this helps ;)
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Re: Fuel gauge Mash Adventure

Notapor Gontzal » 26 Nov 2017, 21:36

Hi Donnieclark,

Many users on the foro have problems with the fuel gauge. Due to vibrations on the tank or poor quality components on the gauge. Mine flashes at almost every tank level.
You can remove the filler tank cap and check the amount of fuel shaking the bike
I use the partial km counter when refuel reseting it to 000 , with 10 litres you can ride more than 350km, so below 3l /100km is the normal consumption
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